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The PCS House Hack

The PCS House Hack: Get 100% Cash Return on Your San Diego Home Purchase!

Are you excited to make your move to San Diego? Are you excited to use your VA loan benefit to become a homeowner?
BUT, you take a look at home prices and see numbers SO big that your dream seems far distant?
Welcome to 2021.
Let’s talk about an amazing strategy that brings that dream back into your realm of reality – The PCS House Hack.

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Sunset Cliffs

Welcome to the homepage of PCS to San Diego! Our mission is to provide every bit of information Military Families need to help ease the transition during their PCS move. Sites to see? We got it. Places to eat? We won’t steer you wrong. Where to live? We’ll help you find the best spot for you! Any transition is stressful, but we know (from our own experience) the additional stress DoD families face in uprooting themselves (for some, again) to head off into unfamiliar territory. During our own transition; we knew nobody, so we faced the tumult of steering into the move blindly. 

At PCS to San Diego, we made it our goal to ensure no one else has the experience we did, as a Military community we LEARN and GROW from each other. In most instances, someone has been in your shoes before. We have, so let us be your local San Diegan friend! On PCS to San Diego, we will provide you information on everything ranging from the above questions to military housing, base info, base events, and local news. 

Our community will grow directly from your input, make sure you visit the ‘Contact Us’ page to give us feedback in the form of questions and comments – the PCS to San Diego promise is to produce content that address them! Also drop your email below to receive our monthly newsletter! If you have the question, someone else surely will. In that feedback, we grow a community where we trade our experiences and help those that follow behind us. At PCS to San Diego, we help you be the smartest family in the move!